What if it is raining or the weather is bad?

We prefer to work in the snow to be perfectly honest, BUT we work in all weathers, unless of course it is a torrential thunderstorm that has an impact on our working safety.

Are you scared of heights?

We have a respect for height and work with the latest, up to date, fully LOLERED work positioning equipment to ensure our safety at all times!

How do we pay you?

On completion of the job via cheque or bacs. You receive an invoice on completion of works.

How much will it cost?

Every job is different. Following your site visit, you will receive a written estimate or quotation for the work you have asked to be carried out. This is the price you pay on completion of the job. If there are additional items you wish to add on the day, then please discuss them and these will be priced in addition on a per item basis and added to the bill.

Are you insured?

YES!! For your peace of mind as a home owner, managing director, estate manager, construction site manager, etc.. ROOTS TO SHOOTS have £5 Million Public Liability Insurance, £10 Million Employers Liability Insurance and £500000 Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are "Correctly Insured for Tree Work Operations at ANY height" with Trust Insurance. N.B. ASK to see ALL Insurance documentation when getting prices.

How many of you will there be?

A minimum of 2. Due to the nature of tree Work operations and aerial work, there has to be someone on the ground, trained, qualified to N.P.T.C.CS 38 and experienced to conduct aerial rescue, if the climber needs to be rescued.

How long will it take?

How long is a piece of string? This all depends on the scope and scale of the proposed works? Every site is different, we have to carry out a site visit to look at the job and to conduct a "Site Specific" risk assessment. What's involved and targets (obstructions) situated around the tree, trees or shrubs & hedges have to be assessed. For example,if you have a  tree overhanging sensitive targets such as a garage, pond, road, footpath, lake, wires, or greenhouse (the list can go on..) a dismantle or pruning operation can be tricky. With our skill, experience and knowledge gained over the years, we explain this to you, when an on site visit takes place and these factors are taken in to account in your quote.

What happens to the chippings if you take them away?

We take them to our yard and pile them up and when there are enough in a heap, as part of our environmental policy, a lorry comes and takes them away for renewable energy.

What happens to the brash / trimmings?

Branch work is shredded with our chipper and the chippings are either removed or can be retained by the client for use as mulch around the garden.

Do you take the rubbish away?

Yes, if you wish we can. We shred all hedge-trimming arisings and chip all brash. If you have a compost heap then you can save some money by retaining the hedge-trimming arisings.

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