ROOTS TO SHOOTS Specialist Tree Surgeons are proud to have purchased the ARBAID 1st Aid Kit

Finally a 1st Aid kit specifically for Arborists, with more than a few plasters and band aids! This has everything in it, in the event of an accident with a chainsaw. ROOTS TO SHOOTS Specialist Tree Surgeons - Think safe, be safe, keep safe! "Better to have the ARB AID Kit and not need it, than to need it and not have it"! When you think of the price we pay for chainsaw trousers, chainsaws, chippers, trucks, latest climbing gear, marketing, fuel & insurances to run our professional businesses etc.... what's £300.00 for a 1st aid kit that actually has specific gear in it that has been designed to help us first aiders keep our mates, a casualty & friend / co-worker stable & alive until specialist emergency services turn up?! You can't put a price on that!

With regard further 1st Aid training, I certainly agree with a 1st aid training shake up and am currently looking in to further realistic training specifically for our line of work and the potential injuries we could sustain in the event of a chainsaw impact wound. My attitude, has been and always will be, better to be safe than sorry, better to be prepared fully, than just to think it will never happen!

These sort of subjects always raise differing opinions, but as we are professional arborists, keeping up to date with working practices, kit and all that, I firmly believe having found out about the arbaid kit is a great thing and I will certainly feel more preparded having this kit on site.

If anyone else finds out about further, realistic 1st aid training relating to our kind of work please post with details. If and when I do, rest assured I will.

"Happy climbing, work safe, be safe, talk safe & stay safe"! Stay tuned for more on this!

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